First, let me say - I love to cook and especially eat . I grew up in the restaurant business and it has always been my first love.  In early 2002, my mother-in-law, who lives with us, asked me to make a cheesecake. Well, I, being the good son-in-law (ha! ha!), made a recipe out of a book. All during the process, I had a taste in mind for the way this cake should turn out - I couldn’t wait to taste it. When I did, however, I was truly disappointed in both the taste and the texture.

The challenge had begun.


Over the next few months, all I could think about was the taste I had in mind. I changed this and changed that and baked and baked until I finally got the taste and texture I wanted. When we finally tasted the final recipe, we knew this was it! Good thing; I think my wife and mother-in-law were ready to run me out if I baked one more cheesecake for them to try! I then began to bake some for friends and family and I always received the same response. Soon, this obsession / hobby grew out of my kitchen and we set up shop.

We now have twenty-two flavors of cheesecake and many other bakery items. I love to see the reaction of people trying these cakes for the first time; it really brings me a lot of joy.

So, take my advice. Try one. Try several! These are some of the best cheesecakes you'll ever taste.

GTN's This is Greensboro with Rosemary Plybon